Why The F? Challenge

"The Quick & Easy Mindset Switch To Help You Lose Weight Without Struggle" 

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  • Do you eat due to stress, boredom or to reward yourself?
  •  Do you feel a failure when it comes to your eating and weight? 
  • Are you fed up with not being able to get your weight ‘sorted’, once and for all? 

If you answered yes to these questions, you’re in the right place! 

I’m Dr Jen Nash, and I’d love to help you discover ‘Why the F?’ you’re struggling with your weight...

There are 30 'F's' to uncover... like Feelings, Fables, Frustration and Feeders... join now and you can have access to them all!

Join the 30-day "Why the F?" Challenge and you'll get...

  • FUN & POWERFUL MINDSET SHIFTS delivered each day to your inbox, shifting your weight from the inside out.
  • DAILY VIDEO of the F strategy of the day. Each video is only 2 - 3 minutes long and easy to fit into your schedule.
  • 30 Quick Mindset Challenges that take less than 5 minutes a day to get results.
  • BONUS E-Book to help you easily implement all that you discover.
  • A BRAND NEW Way of Looking at Your Weight, using the untapped power of eating psychology and your mind.
  • NO DIETS, MEAL PLANS OR PUNISHING EXERCISE ROUTINES – just quick and simple mindset tools giving you freedom in both body AND mind.
  • Daily dose of inspiring and uplifting motivation from a world expert in the psychology of weight loss – Dr Jen has walked in your shoes and takes a no-blame approach to eating struggles.
  • NO jargon or psycho-babble – Dr Jen’s been named an ‘Outstanding Educator’ for her ability to simplify the complex/keep things simple and real.

All this for just £12... it's amazing value. Are you in?

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Here's what others have said:

  • Dawn – Thanks to your wise words, your book and your inspiration and motivation I have managed to release my ‘inner slimmer’ and lost 17lbs so far. You are amazing I am so grateful” 
  • Sandra – “I'm going to miss the plan when we come to the end! It’s really helped me - thank you so much for your easy way of chatting, It's very appealing” 
  • Helen – “This is quite exciting – seeing what you will come up with each day!” 
  • Gary – “Thank you very much for presenting these strategies in such a useful way” 
  • Anoushka – “This is wonderful and very well put together, congrats!”

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